Landscape Design & Planning
  1. Waterways
    We take a 6-Values approach in designing waterways and wetlands. We design to enhance the drainage, landscape, ecological, recreation, cultural and heritage values of these assets in urban & rural environments.
  2. Landscape Design
    Landscape Design
    Specialise in integrating the unique character of NZ native plants into any style of garden, whether you desire ecologically correct plantings for you site, or choose to celebrate the form and colour of our beautiful cultivars.
  3. Parks & Reserves
    Parks & Reserves
    Design of park environments that integrate local native plants, providing unique sensory environments for people to enjoy and providing a positive contribution to your areas wildlife and biodiversity values.
  4. Streets & Roads
    Streets & Roads
    Work with local authorities, developers, and road & traffic engineers to design and create vibrant, livable streets.
  1. Teaching
    We develop course materials, deliver lectures and carry out assessments for tertiary institutions in the fields of landscape architecture, restoration ecology, and forest and wildlife management.
  2. Field Trips & Tours
    Field Trips & Tours
    With our in-depth knowledge of the local area and South East Asia, we can plan and lead both local and international field tours associated with managing natural systems and environments.
  3. Mentoring
    Mentoring supervision and support for graduate landscape architects with an interest and passion for ecological restoration and ecological based design.
Book Publishing
  1. Travel & Culture
    Travel & Culture
    With our experience from different parts of the world, we are able to tell unique stories of unique locations, unique environments and insights into the local cultures we have been fortunate to be a part of.
  2. Childrens Books
    Childrens Books
    We are delighted to have embarked on publishing and distributing a series of children's books that the follow the adventures of some interesting characters in - you guessed it - forests and he great outdoors ;-)
Wildlife Research & Monitoring
  1. HCV Assessment
    HCV Assessment
    High Conservation Value (HCV) assessments for plantation and timber companies in Sarawak, East Malaysia, and are able to carry out this work in other parts of South East Asia on request.
  2. SES Assessment
    SES Assessment
    Assessment of Sites of Ecological Significance (SES) for local and/or regional authorities, and arrange for site surveys to be undertaken in collaboration with landowners.
  3. Wildlife Monitoring
    Wildlife Monitoring
    Bush bird, waterbird and wader census and monitoring work in New Zealand and South East Asia, and also carry our small, medium and large mammal surveys in South East Asia using a range of techniques.
  4. Wildlife Research
    Wildlife Research
    Experience in designing and carrying out wildlife research programs in New Zealand and South East Asia using a variety of field methods including radio tracking,live trapping and camera trapping.
Native Forest Restoration
  1. Monitoring
    Monitoring of restoration success, canopy coverage, plant growth, plant health, seedling regeneration and pests to inform the best management methods and techniques for your forest.
  2. Forest Restoration
    Forest Restoration
    Specialise in planning and designing authentic native forest and associated environments based on reference plant communities occurring in the relevant ecological district.
  3. Establishment
    We provide management guidelines and recommendations for your forest area and can arrange and administer maintenance contracts to ensure the success of your plantings.
  4. Plant Sourcing
    Plant Sourcing
    Close ties with a number of local plant nurseries who specialise in eco-sourcing native plants. With our horticultural expertise, we can also select the best quality plant stock for your particular requirements.