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Sixteen Days in Sikkim
Things to do While Walking Downhill

NZD $27.99
Antony B. Shadbolt (2018)

Ever want to explore the Himalayas without needing to climb a mountain or even break a sweat?

Try doing it all downhill or even from the back of a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Yes, there are certainly easier and much more pleasant ways to experience the nature, people, culture, and breath-taking scenery of Sikkim, a small state in Northeast India that is now 100% organic.

This story celebrates the uniquely local opportunities that await visitors who don’t necessarily want to join hordes of tourists trekking to the top of a mountain but still want to be immersed in the sublime Himalayan landscape. It also highlights to the local people of Sikkim what an amazing boutique tourism resource they have right in their own backyard.

So, join Dr Antony Shadbolt or sixteen days of surprises, local peculiarities, humour and insights into the unique Sikkimese way of life in a part of the world that’s largely devoid of international tourists, and where you can’t buy a beer on a full moon.

ISBN: 978-0-473-44547-8
Pp 144

When You Go Walking In The Woods

Antony B. Shadbolt (2018)

NZD $19.99
Follow three delightful dragons characters in this 32 page childen's picture book as they learn valuable outdoor lessons and meet a lot of interesting acquaintences along the way. 

"When you go walking in the woods, never go alone. And never talk to elephants when they're on the phone!"

ISBN: 978-0-473-46249-9
Pp 32

Thirteen Years of Sarawak
Tales of Wildlife, Roadkill & Karaoke

On Sale Soon!!
Antony B. Shadbolt (2019)

Watch out for this book due to be released in early 2019. 

Based on more than thirteen years worth of travelling to and from Sarawak, East Malaysia to carry out wildlife research, Antony tells a unique story of the people, the culture and the wildlife of this friendly land. It's amazing what goes on in teh jungles and longhouses of Borneo!